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Scholarship in economics

Here is your opportunity to apply for a scholarship worth SEK 5,000. runs a comprehensive finance comparison site and focuses on increasing knowledge regarding loans and savings for our clients and readers. To increase our contribution, we have launched a scholarship that you as a student can apply for. Mystep's scholarship is worth SEK 5,000 and is awarded twice a year for students studying economics and are in the process of writing a bachelor’s or master’s degree thesis.

Available scholarships

Spring term 2024 Submit the application form no later than 30 April 2024
Autumn term 2024 Submit the application form no later than 31 October 2024

Who can apply?

To apply for our scholarship, you must meet the following requirements:

The scholarship is awarded to the applicant who meets the requirements and has the most compelling and interesting thesis idea.

Send your application

E-mail a brief description of your thesis to and mark the subject line with "Mystep Scholarship".

The winner will be selected, no later than 3 weeks after the final application day, by a jury consisting of staff at Beck Solutions AB ( The jury's decision cannot be appealed. Before the scholarship can be paid, the winner must provide proof of course registration at the said college or university. If you have questions about the scholarship, please feel free to contact us.

Latest scholarship winners

Relationen mellan riskkapitalist och entreprenör och dess betydelse för portföljbolagsprestation

Author: Rim Reslan, Hugo Brorsson

University: Uppsala Universitet

Influencer marketing - creating loyalty for brands or influencers?

Author: Amanda Randler, Paula Wallin

University: Lunds Universitet

Att leva med en högriskkonsument - Är det dags för ett starkare konsumentskydd på kreditmarknaden och att skyddsbehovet för högriskkonsumentens familj uppmärksammas?

Author: Miriam Hamberg

University: Uppsala Universitet

DOES IT PAY TO BE ESG?: An empirical analysis of sustainability in the Nordic countries from a risk and valuation perspective

Author: Corentin Arnou, Marcus Hammarstedt

University: Umeå Universitet

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